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Deaf-Aware Quality Assurance Scheme

As one of the leading Deaf charities delivering specialist services to, and working within the Deaf Community we are committed to supporting mainstream services to become more accessible to Deaf people.

Communication is one of the biggest barriers and causes of social isolation for Deaf people, meaning that access to services or leisure attractions can be a real challenge.

Read our articles on What is Deafness?  and What is British Sign Language? to learn more.

Do your services support Deaf people?

Under the Equality Act 2010, your organisation may need to make reasonable adjustments to address any barriers that could prevent Deaf people from accessing your services.

We work closely with the Deaf Community to ensure that RAD provides services that meet the needs and expectations of Deaf people – and, as such, our Deaf Aware Quality Assurance Scheme is expertly placed to ensure:


Equality in customer experience


Improved access to service provision


Increased awareness and understanding

What is the Deaf Aware Quality Assurance Scheme?

The Deaf Aware Quality Assurance Scheme is made up of three criteria:







Businesses are assessed on how well they meet these criteria through a performance model of progression with each category requiring proof of more action and commitment.
Our foundation level award that demonstrates a commitment to meeting the basic access needs of Deaf people.
Upon successfully achieving a Bronze award, your organisation will receive a certificate and congratulations via RAD social media accounts.
Recognition of a commitment to increase organisational awareness and access to Deaf people.
Upon successfully achieving a Silver award, your organisation will receive a certificate, congratulations via RAD social media accounts and website news announcement.
Our benchmark standard; a clear demonstration of and commitment to meeting the needs of Deaf people and the wider Community via access, awareness and achievement.
Upon successfully achieving a Gold award, your organisation will receive a Quality Mark plaque, congratulations via RAD social media accounts, website news announcement, press release to local and relevant trade press and mention in the Annual Review.
It is our intention that the bronze (foundation) level is achievable to all; we would however encourage businesses to strive for a long-term commitment and work towards achieving a Quality Mark.
We will work closely with you to provide a bespoke action plan including support, information and guidance that is tailored to your organisations requirements. Support provided by RAD may include:

  • Deaf Awareness Training
  • Information and guidance
  • British Sign Language (BSL) training
  • BSL signed videos
  • Accessible document adaption advice/support
  • Sign posting
  • Resource suggestions
  • Direct referral links to specialist services (including those delivered by RAD)
“Achieving the Deaf-Aware Quality Mark shows the commitment FJG has to helping everyone within the community.

It has been an inspirational, humbling journey working with Russell and others at RAD.  The training and guidance received along the way was motivational for everyone involved giving them a solid foundation on which to build.”

Paula Fowler

Managing Partner, Fisher Jones Greenwood 

To learn more about the Deaf Aware Quality Assurance Scheme or to discuss how we can work with you to make your organisation more Deaf Aware, contact our Community Engagement Manager:

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