Royal Association for Deaf people partners with seAp to provide Advocacy services in Torbay

The Royal Association for Deaf people (RAD) in partnership with seAp are providing Independent Health Complaints and Social Care Complaints Advocacy (where integrated with health) services for the Deaf community in Torbay.

Complaints can be made about any NHS service received, which people are unhappy with. This includes dentists, GPs, walk-in services and/or hospitals and social care services funded by the Clinical Commissioning Group (CCG).

What is an advocate?
An advocate is someone who can take action to support people to make informed choices, secure their rights, represent their needs and obtain services. Advocates speak up for people and/or encourage individuals to speak up for themselves.

The NHS Complaints Procedure exists to:
• Enable complaints to be made
• Ensure complaints are dealt with efficiently and are properly investigated
• Allow the NHS to learn from the experience of patients

NHS Complaints Advocates can:
• Help write letters to the right people
• Attend meetings with the client and medical professionals
• Explore options at every stage of the complaint
• Answer questions to help people make decisions

NHS complaints Advocates cannot:
• Help to claim compensation
• Give legal advice
• Support complaints about private medical treatment
• Give medical advice

Want to know more about our advocacy services and where they are located?

Visit: which includes a BSL video.

Need access to an advocate in Torbay?
You can contact us in a number of ways:
Voice Phone: 0845 688 2525
Text Phone: 0845 688 2527
SMS: 07749 965 727